Come and talk to us about your objectives and concerns so we build together your strategy and your action plan based on the targeted markets and your industry. Your action plan will cover:

  • Marketing.

  • Sales.

  • Operations.


With the Export Pack we support you at each step of your export project to:

  • Prepare your strategy then plan and launch your export project.

  • Study the targeted markets and their regulations (general and specifics to your business).

  • Work on your business plan.

  • Adapt your organization, your guaranties and your customer services.

  • Setup your logistics.

  • Get certifications and patents.

  • Mettre aux normes les produits, les notices d’utilisation et des emballages.

  • Sign your first international customers, distributors or partners.


We accompany your international sales successes:

  • Support for trade shows.

  • Follow up of your contacts or prospects in French, English or Spanish.

  • Identify prospects and opportunity detection.

  • Commercial relationship with your customer, distributors or partners during your contract lifecycle.

  • Sales terms and conditions updates based on the targeted countries.


World of Sales provides customized solutions depending on your needs:

  • In-house: We work inside your company full or part time as your international resource to provide you with the missing expertise.
  • Subscription : You can book in advance, each year, a number of consulting sessions to support you during your international development.